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Alex Schulman

Did you know that going to the cinema actually has some good health effects? Therefore Sveriges Biografer believe that going to the cinema should be a part of Friskvårdsbidraget. Together with Familjen and Alex Schulman and Gina Dirawi we did this campaign called Bioreceptet. Sveriges Biografer is a collab between Sveriges Biografägareförbund, Riksföreningen biograferna, Svenska Bio, Folkets bio och Filmstaden med stöd av Svenska Filminstitutet.

Read more about the project in Resumé (link)

Production & Photography: @Milkdrop Studio

Advertising agency: Familjen (link to website)

Client: Sveriges Biografer (link to website)

Gaffer & DOP: Markus Ljungberg @markus.a.ljungberg_dp

MUA & hair: Emma Kazdjan (instagram) 

Retouch: Astrid Lindroos (link to website)

Editor & grade: Markus Ljungberg @markus.a.ljungberg_dp

Alex Schulman
Gina Dirawi
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