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Together with the agency Familjen we created this lovely campaign for Sveriges Biografer.  The concept is called Bioreceptet and it's about how science has proven that going to the cinema actually has good health effects. A horror movie can actually reduce stress and a rom-com can help your relationship. Sveriges Biografer is a collab between Sveriges Biografägareförbund, Riksföreningen biograferna, Svenska Bio, Folkets bio och Filmstaden med stöd av Svenska Filminstitutet.


This campaign has been shown in Stockholm's subways and buses as well as on social media (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok). With us we had an amazing team, as always:

Production & Photography: @Milkdrop Studio

Advertising agency: Familjen (link to website)

Client: Sveriges Biografer (link to website)

Gaffer & DOP: Markus Ljungberg @markus.a.ljungberg_dp

Gaffer & DOP assistant: Tindra Stagling Anim-Addo (instagram) & Kamil CamKam Janowski (vimeo)

MUA & hair: Emma Kazdjan (instagram) & Amanda Dahl (instagram)

Stylist: Sandra Haraldsen (instagram)

Set manager: Hanna Järgenstedt @hannajargenstedt

Retouch: Astrid Lindroos (link to website)

Editor & grade: Markus Ljungberg @markus.a.ljungberg_dp



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Film Sveriges Biografer
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